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Friends Only

This Journal is friends only. So if you'd like, please check under the cut and if we have anything in common and you would like to be friends, just drop a comment below. If you just add me and I have no idea who you are/we haven't talked at all, I will not friend you back. So please, just send a message or leave me a comment here. :)

Just a heads up, you'll mostly find posts about Supernatural and Hawaii Five-0 and their actors.

If you're here for my Graphics/Fanart/Videos,
Please watch imperfectlights
(older graphics can be found here: wannabemyvip ) if you're interested.



Shows: Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0, Doctor Who, Firefly, Heroes, Alice(sci-fi mini-series), Dark Angel, The Vampire Diaries, Smallville
Music: Lifehouse, Muse, Michael Buble, Train, One Republic, 3oh3, Kesha, Florence and The Machine, Lady Gaga, Explosions in the Sky +++

Stuff you should know:
+ Long time Lurker but finally decided to make an account xD
+ Easy going and a lil shy but easy to talk to I suppose.
+ I love watching Tv and spending my sleep hours online reading fanfiction :D
+ I enjoy making Videos and Fanart <3
+ I am a J2 (Jared/Jensen) Shipper.
+ I also am a Steve/Danno Shipper, like Whoa XD.
+ I am NOT a reptile lover. They give me the creeps.
+ Love Dogs! ♥ I have 5 1/2year old Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix and he is just adorable! I also have a couple kittens ♥)
+ I'm into the Sci-fi/Fantasy Genre, whether in TV or Books. Like em both.
+ Twilight is a No-No for me. I used to be a fan but then the obsessors came and ruined it all
+ The best gaming system ever is and always will be Super Nintendo
+ LOVE Youtube more than I should
+ Original Scarface is WAY better than the one with Al Pacino. TRU FAX.(Oh yeah, Used a period for that one. Serious Bizness.)
+ I would LOVE to travel Someday. Specifically to Ireland, Scotland and England. uh..Make that all of UK? ♥
+ I capatalize Random letters of words in my sentences sometimes..'Cuz I think It looks Better that way. >.>
+ Black & White Movies as well as Silent Films capture my attention more than the movies of today. Though I do love goin' to the Movie Theaters alot. (OMG Can't Wait for the next Star Trek Movie! ZQ ♥ (did I mention I like Heroes *cough*aka Sylar/zach *cough*))
+ A listener. I'll always lend an ear if you want to rant or talk about random shit. xD
The Way to my Heart
Anything related to:
+ Doctor Who (Tv Show)
+ Supernatural (Tv Show)
+ Hawaii Five-0 (Tv Show)
+ The Color Blue
+ && Anything Sweet ♥
What You will find in my Journal:
+ Anything dealing with the Supernatral and Hawaii Five-0 Fandom
+ Graphics/Fanart, Fan Videos
+ Fan-Fic Recs
+ Random Ramblings
+ Pictures of things I find Interesting..
Tags: !friendsonly
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I hope this means you'll be posting more. Not that I'm creeping or anything >.>
Of course I'll be posting more xD Hopefully I'll also start commenting more on 90% of the posts I see/read on here.
Hi :) *waves*

I saw the fan art you made for lycaness for her Deadline on Love fic. Amazing job! I'd love to see more of your work.

Also. I got lycaness' permission to turn Deadline on Love into a pdf and would love to include your artwork if that's okay?
*blushes* aww, thank you! Glad you thought so :)

I F-locked the entry because I was going to add a different banner to it(one that wasn't a variation xP) and it was going to be a surprise for lyca,( which, btw, Making it private would of been a better option but yeah xP), and then, I was just going to add it in a new post over at my graphics community wannabemyvip but yet again, I've been procrastinating with all that and posting all my other graphics. Ok, I'm stopping myself now before I ramble off to much :P

Yes, that's totally fine with me. :) besides, I'd love to download the PDF when you finish making it. ^-^

♥ Cassie